Monday, July 9, 2012

Woah!!! Its been a really long time, like almost 2 years. For all 3 of you followers, im so very sorry I havent updated you on my life. Let me fill you in...

GRADUATED from Nurse Practitioner school this May and am working here in Ruston at Dr Belue's office. Come see me :-)

So Im back now and have decided to use this media outlet as a way to keep up with my next big adventure, a half marathon. Im headed to Memphis in December for the St Jude marathon weekend. Jackie, John, Dad, and several others will be on Team Jake again this year. Jackie is running the FULL marathon (I would just die) and the rest of us humans (cause marathoners are not) will be doing the half. Ill keep yall updated on training, what im eating (with new found love of casseroles and anything that can be cooked in one dish), and life in general. Hope youll check back often!


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  1. Welcome back to blogging and congrats on graduating!!