Friday, August 20, 2010

just so yall understand...

the GRAVITY of my situation! I am posting pics of my "favorite" reads for the next 21 months... Truly inspiring I assure you, but oh so overwhelming at the same time. The first class it self wasnt bad, Im scared for what is to come.

Yea, its really that thick!

And this is actually page 2754, not including apendices or index! This is why i cry every night!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Im completely in over my head with this whole NP thing! So much to much to was day 1, and I feel like Im never gonna make it... with that said, I get to come home to these two, they make my day sometimes, and others I want to give them away!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend happenings

Friday night John convinced me to not go see a movie ive been dying to see, but instead to go eat at Outback. We havent been there in years and it was still just as good as I remember. However, now im counting points (weight watchers) so I could not have my favorites! I guess my waistline is more important than my taste buds right now!

Last night we celebrated with some friends who are moving to Sweeden for 3 months. Carla is doing a residency in Optometry and Chad is "tagging along". We had a great time with them, as always...

Me and John
Derek and HeatherDerek and Derek (D Buz and BoBo)John and Chad
Today, me and D Love went to see Eat Pray Love. I read the book several years ago and this was an awesome show. A little slow maybe compared to action thrillers, but nonetheless, inspiring to find ones self.
I start my Masters program tomorrow, Im excited and scared all at the same time! I hope I do well and make many new friends, and learn to care for people independantly! Maybe I will prove myself to some of yall (all three readers) and you will come see me! HA! I have the "night before school starts" jitters. Wondering what to wear, if I know people (although I know Iwill since ive worked with more than half my class), and if I am smart enough for this...I need a therapist!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Camera Dump

Just trying to clean off my camera to make room for new stuff....

in this august heat, this was delicious, my husband however, didnt think so!


Superior Bar and Grill

My dogs have such hard lives!

1 week left

Its official, I have one week left until school starts. I will be going to GSU every monday from 8-5 with clincial hours to do the rest of the week. Oh, lest I forget, I will be working 2 days a week too... All of this for the next 21 months in order to better myself. Im working on my masters in nursing, to hopefully become a Nurse Practitioner.

Amongst other things, i have been enjoying my time before I have to buckle down and get to studying. Had a great weekend; friday night helped my sister with a garage sale, sat am sold at the garage sale, sat evening went to shreveport with some great friends. Came home sunday and....

ended up with the stomach bug. Puked my guts up. whole nine yards. Ended up having to call into work...something I never do! So today its all about washing sheets and clothes so my wonderful hubby doesnt get sick!

Im feeling much better today and am hoping to be able to run this evening since I couldnt yesterday. Ill let yall know how I do, im finishing up week 2, getting ready for week 3.

I cant imagine being a mom with a kid that is sick. they dont get up and go to the bathroom, at least I do that so there is less mess to clean up....

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Date night and such...

I guess part of being married means becoming complacent with life. I never really think that John and I go on "dates" because we generally just meet up with friends at a bar (I know, im still being dragged into adult hood!). Last week we had a really big fight because I dont ever feel "noticed" and he just assumed that by us going out wih friends all the time meant I was having a good time. WRONG! Dont get me wrong here, I LOVE going out with my friends, and his, but there comes a time when I want my hubby to myself. Is that wrong? Anyway, last night was officially a date night. We went to eat, had some Maggie Moos, saw Salt at the theater, then, at 10 pm, went for a run.

As for this run, at 10 pm it was still 96 degrees and felt like 100% humidity. But I had to do it. I have signed up for a 5k in december and am following the couch to 5k program. I AM NOT A RUNNER! Let me repeat I AM NOT A RUNNER! And I thought I died last night. But, week 2 day 1 is now complete.

Thanks for the date and the run honey! Love you!

If anyone is interested is the program im following...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I am not 18 anymore...

But I continually (and most recently two nights in a row) act as if I am. Maybe im trying to "get it all out of my system" before school starts, or maybe Im dreading the BIG 3-0 in a few short months (where has this year gone?). I dont know, but my head still hurts.....

However, my sis, my bff, my other bff, my significant other, and another had a great time last night (or at least I think we did!)

There is this new place in town, not exactly a laid back atmosphere, but loud music and funny people and a large selection of tap beer always make for a good time. I hope everyone else had fun!

And by the way, drunk facebooking and drunk dialing are one in the same! (HA HA HA HA). We are no longer youngens, I think Im gonna grow up now. Im going into adult hood kicking and screaming....