Wednesday, September 29, 2010

La tech and first 5k

I have no pics from my first 5k this past weekend, as soon as my sister emails them to me ill post. I finished, thought i died somewhere in the middle, but i finished. And, in less than 40 minutes, barely! So glad I got that out of the way!

The La Tech Bulldogs are not impressng me this year thus far. Fun times are had, but seriously, do they practice??

These are the guys at the tailgate, no other good pics. sorry...

My husband really did put together a great tailgate. A bit redneck, but fun. We had a TV strapped to a tree, an antenna, and grill. Of coure, the tech rug had to be bought...without my knowing how much it cost I might add!

Ruston Tractor hosts the beef up your taigate each week. I need a good beef recipe! Please send some tailgate friendly beef things that will knock the socks off the judges!

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