Monday, July 9, 2012

Woah!!! Its been a really long time, like almost 2 years. For all 3 of you followers, im so very sorry I havent updated you on my life. Let me fill you in...

GRADUATED from Nurse Practitioner school this May and am working here in Ruston at Dr Belue's office. Come see me :-)

So Im back now and have decided to use this media outlet as a way to keep up with my next big adventure, a half marathon. Im headed to Memphis in December for the St Jude marathon weekend. Jackie, John, Dad, and several others will be on Team Jake again this year. Jackie is running the FULL marathon (I would just die) and the rest of us humans (cause marathoners are not) will be doing the half. Ill keep yall updated on training, what im eating (with new found love of casseroles and anything that can be cooked in one dish), and life in general. Hope youll check back often!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

La tech and first 5k

I have no pics from my first 5k this past weekend, as soon as my sister emails them to me ill post. I finished, thought i died somewhere in the middle, but i finished. And, in less than 40 minutes, barely! So glad I got that out of the way!

The La Tech Bulldogs are not impressng me this year thus far. Fun times are had, but seriously, do they practice??

These are the guys at the tailgate, no other good pics. sorry...

My husband really did put together a great tailgate. A bit redneck, but fun. We had a TV strapped to a tree, an antenna, and grill. Of coure, the tech rug had to be bought...without my knowing how much it cost I might add!

Ruston Tractor hosts the beef up your taigate each week. I need a good beef recipe! Please send some tailgate friendly beef things that will knock the socks off the judges!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This week

Sorry its been a few days to you few but faithful readers. Here is a rundown

this past weekend was the first tech home game. I went, we lost... The first pic is the "annual" (weve only done it a few years) family pic. My mom quit going to the games years ago, so she misses out every year! Love you mom (if your reading).
The second pic is me and two best friends a girl could ever have. Love yall.
Sunday was my anniversary, see previous post. I studied all day for a test the next day. Then got Johns gift ready (read: took trailer to Lowes and picked up two really heavy and big boxes that contained a new tool chest for his shop). Left them on the trailer, didnt know what else to do with them. Went to church that evening. Came home and fought with John because he didnt think I needed to spend the money. So, I tried to take them back and he wouldnt let me. MEN! We wont talk about my gift (read: there was none). Because we didnt talk about gifts apparently meant he was off the hook...He feels bad. But I tried to tell him its not about the stupid gifts, I got him something he's been wanting for a really long time. Oh well, my bday is in November, ill be 30. Itll be BIG!
Monday took my test, passed with a B after the curve. Oh well, Ill take my B and run! FAST!
Working hard and studying harder. Lifes good. Cant wait for this saturday.
Its my dads first 5k, Im walking/running it, and my hubby and sister are running it also. Its a family affair.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well, my 3 year anniversary is Sunday. Had hoped for a great dinner or something. We had such a big weekend planned (not really, but some fun things). He calls me two days ago and asks (tells) me that he was invited on a hunting trip in south Texas...

So, this weekend and all our fun plans are mine by myself! I do have my first test Monday, so Im sure Ill get some great studying in. However, I will not miss the Tech home game. Its the first one of the season. Got some great plans with some great people and cant wait!

Is it bad that Im just a little pissed at him???? He left today saying, "just tell me to have a great trip." The nerve of him! He needs to tell me to have a great anniversary (by myself). So honey, have a GREAT trip (insert sarcasm).

If anyone is going to be in town, hollar at me! would love lunch and dinner dates...

disclaimer-i really do love my husband, i dont love that he left me on such an important weekend, tech, anniversary, my first test...would have been nice to have some spousal support. Ive vented, i feel better...

Friday, September 10, 2010


So, if you know me very well, Ive been attempting the couch to 5k program, and "loosely" following weight watchers to attempt to get to 130 before my 30th bday (nov 18). I started out at a whopping 147! 2 weeks ago I was 141 and 1/2. My runs are getting longer (hence slower!) and I went to weigh tonight and was down to ...

wait for it...

are you rady???

141! Thats it.

I know I say Im loosely following weight watchers, but in reality, my eating has gotten a ton better. lean protein, veggies, fiber, etc...

What is wrong. I know I work a lot of nights, but I take my food, I have completely cut out diet coke, I only drink water and tea, and occasionaly a gatorade.

I try to run 3 days a week, but my schedule of flip flopping back and forth between nights and days, in no particular order, I know does not help. I truly only get to do it about 2 days a week.

I guess from now on, when I set my alarm for 5 am and snooze until 518 am, I will instead get up and do my p90x ab video. Maybe that will set in motion some weight loss.

I will also have to cut out (or down) my wine intake. I dont have near as much as I used to, but when we go out to eat, I love a glass (or 2) of red wine. Mel, no more porch nights unless we are drinking water!!! ha!

I vow to myself never to get fat again! I am going to lose these last 11 pounds if it kills me!

any doc friend (who I seriously doubt is reading this) want to write me some addipex??????

Hope every one has a great weekend, Im goin to munch on some carrots...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weight Watchers

So im loosely following WW to try and get to my "fighting" weight before the big 3-0. I made a really good supper tonight, who knew WW had such good food!

6 whole wheat tortillas
1 pound cooked chicken breasts diced
1.5 cups fat free sour cream (you cant tell its fat free after its cooked!)
1 can black beans rinsed and drained
1 can rotel drained (or not, however you like it)
4 oz can green chilles
some taco seasoning, how ever much you like
cumin, salt, pepper (how ever much you like)
1 cup low fat cheese

lay 3 tortillas in the bottom of casserole dish
mix everything else together
put half of it on top of tortillas and put three more tortillas on top of that
put the rest of the "mixture" on top of that and top with a little more cheese
bake at 350 for 30-45 min covered with foil until hot and bubbly


it was really good. the real recipe served 12, so i halved it. you could even add whatever else you like

I served with guac and salsa. (the wholey guacamole brand makes 100 cal packs that are really good). also added garden salad with ff catalina dressing.

6 points per serving

i know we eat early, always have, always will...

John even liked it...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy Busy

Ive been super busy lately. It seems all i do is work, school, and study. I guess thats my life now. I did manage to squeeze in a glass of wine the other night and last night...and it was good!

Rachel at the Peek-a-bootique is having a giveaway through stephanie and there are several ways to enter! Go check it out! her stuff is amazing!

No pics...I did take some of my studying, but lets just say I burned them. I dont dress up to study! HA! Yall have a good rest of the week and have fun at the Tech/Grambling game if your going, Ill be working...