Friday, July 30, 2010

Thoughts for Friday

Several things are running through my brain right now...some good, some miserable! Maybe if yall give me a few minutes to rant, ill feel better!
1. Incompetetance on a college campus is a NO! But I have dealt with said incompetance for several weeks now. Im going back for my masters in Nursing but in order to do so, I need financial aid so I dont have to work full time while I do it. Dealing with the financial aid at this school is just obsurd! Every week I go and every week im told, check back next week! Summer session ended last week and I still dont have my refund! Obsurdity I tell you!

2. Lunch with hubby and great friend today yeilded great conversation! So much fun!

3. I have to work tomorrow, UGH!

4. Im attempting to run the st jude 5k with my dad while my hubby and sister run the half marathon. I have successfully completed week 1 of couch to 5k. It was rough, but i can do this. Right???

5. still laughing about conversation today at lunch!

John, emily, jackie, and rett at the half marathon last year! Ill never do that, but a 5k isnt to far out of reach..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tomato gravy

After speaking with the MIL, here is her version of tomato gravy, compete without actual measurements...

cover the bottom of a skillet/pan with plain oil (crisco), not olive oil.

Add flour as to make a roux (but not really). Just enough to be pasty (like elmers glue) and not lumpy.

Cook constantly stirring until lightly brown. Not really really brown, (b/c ultimately it will be red and taste has no factor at this point unless you burn it!) But just cook till lightly brown.

have some hot water ready and just add a little till it looks like gravy. (you decide what gavy is supposed to look like i guess!).

then a can of tomato sauce and a can of tomatos. You can add more, just make sure you add more oil and flour at the beginning.

season like you want too. (salt and pepper). just let cook till ready to eat.

Cook biscuits from can (or homemade if your that good) and spoon on top of biscuit.

Im trying this tonight and will post what happens! (maybe even with pictures)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Breakfast Foods

So, messy aprons wants to know what the best breakfast foods are...its no secret, im generally not up in time for breakfast, and if i am, im not eating.

So, in the interest of sparing you all the things i eat for "breakfast" that ARE NOT considered breakfast foods, here's what I would like every saturday am

1. tomato gravy and biscuits
I cant tell you how to make tomato gravy b/c i have no idea how! My M-I-L makes it and she gave me the recipe but it was "to taste", im no cook, i need actual doses!

2. eggs, fried, medium
with lots of salt and pepper (tonys)

3. cinnamin (sp) rolls
out of the can, follow directions

4. bacon

Sorry for the lack of recipes, as stated earlier, im no cook, and these are self explanatory!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Melanie

Today is my best friends birthday. Ofcourse, I dedicated this weekend to her! We always have so much fun when we are out together...we have a great group of girls that love each other unconditionally and i am forever greatful for that! So, friday night me, melanie and two other girls went to supper. Then I became their taxi! I had a paper to finish so after supper I came home to write that and then picked them up from a local place when they called. Thats always fun! Wish I could have been with them!
Saturday night (last night) we cristened the new new place in town. Great selection of beer, etc...I kninda felt like a neurologist had performed a caniotomy on me this am. However, I persevered and made it to church this am! So glad i did, great service!

I dont have and pics from this weekend, so ill leave you with some of me and my bff over the last couple months/years..
Me and Mel summer 2009 Cowboy Mouth Concert
Me and Mel summer 2010, Gulf Shores
Mel and Amy, Gary Allen, summer 2010
Me and Mel, fall 2009, LSU vs Tech

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Favorite Grilling Recipes

Kelly's Korner is hosting her "show us your life" this week on favorite grilling recipes. I love this, well mainly because John and I grill EVERYTHING. Its what we are good at. I have several recipes that are just awesome.

1. Salmon
we season 2 salmon filets with a chile lime seasoning my mom gave us for christmas and grill. During summer we grill corn as a side and serve with brown rice. During the winter, usually some sort of winter veggie will suffice.

2. Chicken
any way you like it. My fav is from the pioneer woman with her "tequilla lime grilled chicken". in a blender put tequilla, olive oil, lime juice, jalepeno (whole), cilantro, and salt and blend well. Marinate chicken in for few hours and grill. After grilling, top with monterey jack shredded cheese and place under broiler for just long enough to melt cheese. Serve with pico, sour cream, and guac.... awesome.

3. Brats
on a bun with mustard....need i say more
Any kind, may fav is jalepeno cheese...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

School Supplies

Make me happy! The tech bookstore had school supplies for 75% off today!!! I racked up! Im just giddy. Nothing makes me happier than to get a new backpack and binders. I have no pics to show my loot so ill leave you with a another one that I love.
This is me in Haiti this past Feb working in a field hospital, we were leaving an orphanage that had turned into a tent city/hospital and heading back to Jimani, Dominican Republic. Im in the green pants if you didnt recognize my fabulousness!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here we go

So, I started this thing, and even as quickly quit it. I love reading everyone elses so I though I would type my own, maybe someone else is as interested in my life as i am theirs! Stay tuned for ramblings from my life, school, work, and friends. We have a ton going on! The above is from a recent trip to see a slightly famous JIMMY BUFFETT! I love him, almost as much as my husband, but not as much as jenn calvert!

messy aprons

im gonna try to start this again, so much going on...anywho, the messy aprons are wanting everyone to tell their go to recipe-heres mine

(stolen from the pioneer woman-my hero)

marlboro mans' second favorite sandwich (and now mine)

2 chicken breasts
lemon pepper seasoning
peppered bacon
your favorite cheese

cook the bacon (however much 2 people can eat)
throw out the grease
season each side of the chicken breasts with lemon pepper
cook on first side for 4-5 minutes
turn over and cook for 4-5 more minutes
place bacon on top, then cheese (i use colby jack)
place lid on pan and let cheese melt
serve between your favorite bread (i put mustard on mine)

so easy and awesome!