Thursday, September 23, 2010

This week

Sorry its been a few days to you few but faithful readers. Here is a rundown

this past weekend was the first tech home game. I went, we lost... The first pic is the "annual" (weve only done it a few years) family pic. My mom quit going to the games years ago, so she misses out every year! Love you mom (if your reading).
The second pic is me and two best friends a girl could ever have. Love yall.
Sunday was my anniversary, see previous post. I studied all day for a test the next day. Then got Johns gift ready (read: took trailer to Lowes and picked up two really heavy and big boxes that contained a new tool chest for his shop). Left them on the trailer, didnt know what else to do with them. Went to church that evening. Came home and fought with John because he didnt think I needed to spend the money. So, I tried to take them back and he wouldnt let me. MEN! We wont talk about my gift (read: there was none). Because we didnt talk about gifts apparently meant he was off the hook...He feels bad. But I tried to tell him its not about the stupid gifts, I got him something he's been wanting for a really long time. Oh well, my bday is in November, ill be 30. Itll be BIG!
Monday took my test, passed with a B after the curve. Oh well, Ill take my B and run! FAST!
Working hard and studying harder. Lifes good. Cant wait for this saturday.
Its my dads first 5k, Im walking/running it, and my hubby and sister are running it also. Its a family affair.

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